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Risk Factors For Divorce in California

Marriage is hard work, period. But it turns out there are a slew of surprising things that can make it even harder. Relationship experts call them divorce “risk…

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Getting Divorced In Your 20S

Currently, half of all marriages end in divorce. The average age men and women get married spans from 24.7 to 30.5 across the 50 states, so it is…

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Ask Yourself These Questions

Deciding to divorce is a big ordeal; for most it?s overwhelming at first. So, if you have decided to file for divorce or if your spouse has decided…

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Things To Overcome For Successful Co-Parenting

“For parents who struggle with last-minute requests to change their children’s schedule, the clearest solution involves honest reflection about what is best for the kids. This often corresponds…

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Divorce And Your Credit Score

It?s common knowledge that divorce can affect many aspects of a person?s life, including relationships, finances, stress, and even appetite and sleep. But, one thing that too many…

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Concurring Child Custody

In a perfect world, all divorcing parents would get along great and child custody would be a non-issue. The parents would readily agree on a child custody and…

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Hidden Assets

It?s no secret that once divorce is on the horizon, bitter spouses can get very protective about their assets. In situations where spouses don?t share all of their…

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Tips For Positive Co-Parenting

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was ?normal? in divorce cases for the children to end up living with the mother and for the father to see his…

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All Parts Of California Divorce Explored

Regardless of the reasons ?why? a marriage ended, divorce is almost always an uncomfortable, difficult, unhappy event. A spouse may be thrilled to finally cut ties with their…

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The Don’ts of Divorce in California

Once the holidays are over, divorce attorneys across the nation enter into the busiest divorce season of the year. January symbolizes a fresh start and with the holidays…

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