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When it comes to your family, nothing is more important. This is why you need to work with experienced professionals if a legal issue arises that involves those you love the most. You need to work with family law attorneys who have handled numerous cases similar to yours yet understand that no two cases are exactly alike.

Our team will work closely with you to go over the specifics of your case that make it unique and offer our recommendations based on the facts. We can help with all aspects of family law, from dealing with a divorce and child custody issues to adopting a new child into your family. We work hard to make these important transitions in your life as seamless as possible.

Divorce & Custody Issues

Some of the most common areas we deal with on a regular basis are divorce and custody issues in Carlsbad, CA. Deciding to separate from a spouse is never a decision to be made lightly. Whether you have come to the final decision already or are simply weighing your options before you move forward, meeting with one of our family law attorneys in Carlsbad will help give you a clear perspective on what you can expect.

We will go over the financial aspect of splitting up your household, as well as the more delicate matters, such as custody of any children you share and child and spousal support that may be owed in your case.

We make sure you understand all the possible outcomes before you start the process and then guide you through it every step of the way. We can also handle other related issues, such as father’s rights, domestic violence, mediation, modifications, and legal separation.

Adding to Your Family

Family law isn’t just about separating from a spouse or establishing paternity for child custody and support when individuals are no longer together. Our experienced firm can also help if you are building your family.

For instance, we can help you draft a pre-marital agreement to protect your assets in the event your marriage ends in divorce. In addition, we can help guide you through the process of adopting a child, as well as for issues relating to same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships.

Our firm has seen all kinds of cases in these areas, and we are passionate about helping our clients build a cohesive, loving family unit, regardless of the method used.

We Are a Top Legal Firm

Finding the best lawyers is essential when you’re dealing with any area of law, particularly family law. There’s nothing more important than protecting your loved ones. When you consult with an attorney at our firm, you can expect the compassion and understanding you would give your own family members.

We understand how emotional these issues can be and want to make sure you have the perspective you need to move forward with your case in the best possible manner. You don’t have to face these issues alone. You can count on our experienced team at Erica Bloom Law to help you make the right choices and give you the support you deserve.

To discuss the details of your case with our Carlsbad family lawyers, send us a message or call (760) 683-8757 today.


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