Divorce Before 30? How To Move Forward

Divorce Before 30? How To Move Forward

A divorce before 30 is often a sensitive topic — but it doesn’t have to be. There are many advantages to “divorcing young.” If you’re going through a divorce (or have recently gone through one), then you already know that you weren’t with the right partner for you. In that situation, it’s better to get it over with early.

The Benefits of Divorcing Before 30

When moving forward, it’s often beneficial to look at the positives. While everything may seem negative, divorcing before 30 means:

  • You still have time to develop your career and your education. Divorcing later in life doesn’t mean you don’t have that time, but divorcing younger does mean you’ll have more time and energy to figure out what you want.
  • You’ll find it easier to get back into the dating pool. For many, the dating pool can seem more alien the longer that you’re out of it. Give yourself some time and then jump back in.
  • You’re less likely to have significant assets. One of the big problems when divorcing is dividing assets such as houses and businesses fairly.
  • You’re less likely to have children. Custody issues can cause a divorce to go on for a long time, as well as cause persistent problems in the future.

Realistically, if you’re with the wrong person, you want to divorce as soon as possible. If that’s before 30, so be it.

Moving Forward with Your Divorce

Naturally, it’s not all sunshine and roses, and it would be disingenuous to pretend that it’s such. When you divorce before 30, you are less likely to have significant support structures. You will likely have less wealth or a lower-paying career — so you may want to reach out to your friends and family. You will also want to have a professional to defend you during the divorce to ensure that you get what you’re owed.

If you do have children and you’re divorcing, it’s likely that your children are young or at least still in school. You may want to preemptively reach out to resources to ensure that you have adequate childcare, that your children will be well-provided for, and (if you’re moving out of your marital home) that they are going to have a comfortable space to live.

At the end of the day, divorce is something that has to happen for you to move on with your life. There are very seldom benefits gained by waiting, as your lives will only become more complex and enmeshed. If you’re thinking about a divorce, the time for consultation is now. Contact Erica Bloom Law today!

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