Building Your Support Network During Divorce

Building Your Support Network During Divorce

Divorce is not easy for anyone. It creates an immense amount of mental and financial stress, even when both parties agree. Every person going through a divorce needs a support system to help them get through the emotions, legalities, financial decisions, and other elements of a divorce.

Every person’s divorce support network looks different. However, several key ingredients combine to make a support system especially helpful. This guide will help you develop the team that will help you get through your divorce as smoothly as possible so you can look forward to the new beginnings on the other side.

Friends and Family

Friends and family are integral parts of a divorce support team. They’re often the ones who already know the struggles you and your spouse have been having. Friends and family can provide a lot of assistance during the divorce process, but they shouldn’t replace professional help.

A Qualified Counselor

Divorce is emotionally draining, and a qualified counselor or therapist can be invaluable before, during, and after your divorce. The process can uproot past traumas or create new traumas. A therapist or counselor can provide the tools you need to manage traumas and deal with the other mental health issues commonly associated with divorce.

Remember that your children may also need emotional support throughout this process. A therapist or counselor can be a critical part of their support network.

Financial Support

Divorces present a lot of financial questions and issues. A certified public accountant (CPA) or chartered financial analyst (CFA) can help you organize your finances and prepare for your future and your children’s future. They can also provide the advice you need to guard yourself against financial harm.

Divorce Support Groups

There may be divorce support groups in your area where individuals undergoing divorce meet and provide emotional support for one another. Joining a support group will immediately assure you that you’re not alone in this process. Online support groups can be helpful for those who live in rural areas or are not yet comfortable openly sharing the ins and outs of divorce in person.

Legal Support

Your legal divorce support team will guide you through the legal aspects of your divorce every step of the way. It’s essential that you feel the attorney you choose is responsive and always putting your best interest first.

The professional divorce attorneys at Eric Bloom Law understand all the turmoil surrounding divorce. Their team of experts is prepared to help you make the best legal choices to benefit yourself and your kids now and in the future.0.

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