What Is Parallel Parenting?

What Is Parallel Parenting?

Divorce and separation can be challenging for parents as well as children. It’s important to come up with an arrangement that allows parents and children to continue developing their natural bonds while making sure that the parents can resolve any potential conflicts that arise during the divorce process.

Parallel parenting allows both parents to stay connected with your children while getting enough space from each other to work through this process.

Here’s how parallel parenting can help parents as well as children.

How Parallel Parenting Helps Your Child

Parallel parenting it’s a way for separated couples to still ensure that their children stay connected to both parents. This style of parenting involves parents splitting important events, such as music recitals and sporting events, so that they avoid conflict while still staying connected to their children. This is an ideal option for parents who have high levels of conflict, but who still want to stay involved in their children’s lives.

Here are a few key benefits of parallel parenting.

Reduces Conflict

This article from the University of Florida states that parallel parenting is a good choice for parents who have high levels of conflict when they are in communication. While parents who have amiable relationships might be able to switch over to co-parenting, parents who risk exposing their children to undue conflict can avoid these conflicts by parallel parenting.

This helps minimize conflict for both the parents as well as the children. This also allows the children, and parents, to retain their levels of connection while working through difficult conflicts that can come with a divorce.

Lowers Stress

Parallel parenting also lowers stress for everyone involved. This naturally lowers stress for the parents who are in conflict by giving them some time and space apart. It also helps to lower conflict for the children who often get caught in between these arguments.

Promotes Parent-Child Bonding

It can be difficult to determine how much time each parent can spend with each child. This does create issues when it comes to parent-child bonding. Parallel parenting is a way for children to develop strong connections to their parents even if the parents themselves no longer get along.

How You Can Create a Parallel Parenting Plan

One of the best ways to develop a co-parenting, parallel parenting, or other arrangement is to work with an experienced family law legal team. Erica Bloom is an expert of family law and can help parents develop a parallel parenting agreement that satisfies their needs as well as the needs of their children.

You can reach out to Erica Bloom today to start working on a parallel parenting plan that helps you children while giving the parents room to avoid conflict.

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