Important Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney In California

Important Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney In California

If you’ve decided to end your marriage and seek a divorce, you probably have many questions. Unfortunately, too many people head for divorce court without having adequate knowledge about divorce. For this reason, Erica Bloom Law has put together five questions you should be asking your divorce attorney in California.

When is My Divorce Finalized?

The time frame for finalizing divorce after the paperwork has been served is six months in California. However, depending on the circumstances of your case, this can stretch out. When you speak to a divorce attorney about the specifics of your case, they will be able to give you an estimate of when your divorce should be finalized.

Will My Past Behavior Impact the Divorce?

No. Your past behavior has no bearing on your current divorce proceedings. While some acts could affect the outcome of divorce (such as domestic violence), your behavior, along with your spouse’s, will not be taken into consideration. If you’re still worried about past behavior and whether or not it might affect your divorce, speak to your divorce attorney to put your mind at ease and help you move forward with the divorce.

Where Does My Divorce Occur?

California has many divorce courts throughout the state. Your divorce will take place in a courtroom in the county where you filed. You must be a resident of California for at least six months prior to filing for divorce in this state. Furthermore, you must have been a resident of the county where you file for at least three months. Your divorce attorney in California will be able to tell you exactly where your divorce will take place.

What about Child Custody in California?

Child custody is a complicated matter that can prolong any divorce case. It is an emotional issue, often the most emotional part of a divorce. However, when you understand how child custody works in California you can emotionally and mentally prepare. If you’re divorcing and have children, your attorney will guide you through the process, explaining everything you need to know about child custody laws in California, both legal and physical custody. She will also go over in detail different custody scenarios you may want to consider as part of your divorce.

Is it a Good Idea to Talk to My Spouse Before Filing?

Under the right circumstances, it can be beneficial to talk to your spouse before filing for divorce. This, of course, depends on many factors, such as your spouse’s temperament, whether you think they will contest the divorce and the issue of child custody. If, however, you think your divorce will be amicable, there is no reason not to discuss divorce before filing. A divorce attorney is not a therapist, but they do have experience helping people through this difficult time. Talk to your attorney about the pros and cons of bringing up divorce to your spouse before you file.

Need Help With a Divorce?

Erica Bloom Law is here to help you file for divorce and see it through to a satisfactory conclusion. We take the time to guide and educate you along the way so you’ll always know what to expect. Erica Bloom Law is an award-winning family law firm that helps its clients transition through this difficult time. We are a team of compassionate attorneys who understand that divorce is never easy. If you want divorce representation from attorneys who care, contact us today.

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